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Evolve Associates

Industrial Aesthetic

Industrial Athletic is New Zealand’s premier manufacturer of strength & fitness equipment. Priding ourselves on unparalleled customer service and a relentless pursuit for quality, we will provide all the hardware you need to achieve your goals, from functional training, olympic and powerlifting, right through to specific equipment for sports like crossfit.

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Evolve Fitness are stockists of Shuzi health jewellery. Shuzi Qi strengthens and fine-tunes the human biofield, making your mind and body more resistant to the effects of stress in any form, including electromagnetic fields (EMF), harmful emissions radiating from electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers and hair dryers.
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Active expert Physio treatment

We are situated inside Evolve Fitness and are very excited to offer our clients expert Physio treatment in purpose built consulting rooms with access to the full gym facilities.

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The Register of Exercise Professionals sets the standard for exercise professionals and facilities in New Zealand.

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