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Workouts for all

When you start investing in yourself and taking steps to improve your fitness, you need to set goals. Goals give you something to aim towards and inform you if you are heading in the right direction, or the wrong one.

When you join Evolve Fitness you will get a personal assessment and a programme written specifically for you, tailored to your goals.

You will be shown how to perform the exercises correctly and your programme will be adjusted regularly so that you are always challenging your body and making consistent progress. We normally have the programme rewritten every 8 weeks.

The reason for this is if you stick with the same programme for too long your body can become used to the exercises and this will slow your progress.

We make sure that you have everything you need to achieve your goals. Now, do you want too…

Lose the Kilos
Attempt less, achieve more – that’s our proven programme. At Evolve we’re big believers in baby steps. Those extra curves took a long time to get there, so it takes time to get rid of them for good. It’s important that you lose fat, instead of just being tricked by a reduction in water weight or muscle tissue. If you follow the programme, you can lose half a kilo a week, for however long it takes. Here’s the good news, the weight stays off. This is sustainable weight loss, because we are focusing on losing fat. (As long as you stay away from the junk food drive ins, the soft drinks, the fatty fast food and salty snacks.)
Find out more about our approach to weight loss

Or get trained for sports
Our sports training is code specific. We advise working with us preseason. We’ve got specialist trainers for most codes – so whether you need speed, to bulk up, or to be more accurate, we can custom design you a programme that will help you develop whatever you need.

Or take yourself on with

  • Weekly motivational meetings.
  • Before and after photos.
  • A new, personalized challenge every four weeks.

Stay healthy
Do you want to stay in shape, keep up with energetic children, enjoy walking, gardening or golf and still have enough breath to talk at the top of the stairs? This is for you. We put together an individual programme that includes a few classes – all tailored to the muscle groups you need to use the most in your life.