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Class Instructors

A lot of classes means there’s plenty of instructors working at Evolve Fitness. 26 classes are scheduled each week – so choose a class that works for you.
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For some people the instructor is what the class is all about – so check out our instructors!

Anthea Turner
Anthea TurnerHi there my name is Anthea. Come and join me with some of latest music and the newest move's of Bodypump. If looking lean and sharp is your buzz, come pump some iron with me at Bodypump where we burn fat and build strength and endurance.
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Christine Darragh
Christine DarraghResistance training is my favourite way to train. That is why I love Body Pump. Body Pump is all about high repetitive work using different resistance weights and exercises. Did you know that doing one Body Pump class can burn 600 calories? So get lean, build strength and tone muscle with me at Body Pump.
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Kim Scott
Kim ScottWith an extended history in both Track and Road cycling at national level, I bring the complete cycling experienced indoors and into the RPM class. Whether you want to improve your cycling technique, make up for those “lost kilometers” on wet days or simply wish to increase your aerobic fitness, then my class is for you! Join me as I take you through a motivating, energetic ride designed to help you ride faster as you sweat your way to a natural high, all while having fun in a group fitness environment. See you there!
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Jemma Lawton
Lisa McDonaldMy passion is to make a difference within people’s lives by promoting the benefits of exercise and helping motivate people on their journey to a better well-being. I am a keen sportswoman who enjoys a range of sports. I came from a dancing background which then headed in the direction of bodybuilding and aerobics. To date I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years, teaching freestyle and Les Mills aerobic programmes firstly in Tauranga then Palmerston North, Massey University and presently in Feilding at Evolve Fitness. There is no hurdle that YOU cannot overcome..........
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Garry Twomey
Garry TwomeyHi, I teach 1 of the Les Mills group fitness classes – RPM. With RPM I have participants who have had success in toning up, losing weight and looking forward to the next class of the challenging indoor cycling workout without the hassles of traffic and the weather. See you there.
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Evolve Staff

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Ross Darragh - Owner
Christine Darragh - Owner, Class Instructor
Chris Vinsen - Personal Trainer
Jaden Meehan - Personal Trainer
Ruby Finau - Personal Trainer
Anthea Turner - Class Instructor
Kim Scott - Class Instructor
Jemma Lawton - Class Instructor
Garry Twomey - Class Instructor
Lisa O'Leary - Class Instructor
Helen Luoni - Class Instructor
Rhiana Bragg-Meyers - Class Instructor
Lisa Mordaunt - Class Instructor
Helen Jayne - Class Instructor
Char Lucas - Admin
Jason Bary - Customer Service
Trent Sims - Customer Service
Sam Fulton - Customer Service
Dylan Soeberg - Gym Keeper