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Owners and Support Staff

Ross Darragh

Christine Darragh

I am lucky enough to be in a position where I can help people from all walks of life improve, regain and/or maintain their health and fitness.

I have always been involved in sport and physical work. I have an ambition of being able to do whatever I want at age 80 and to not be restricted physically which can be brought on by inactivity and the slow deterioration that occurs through the natural aging process. There is no reason, if we keep ourselves moving, that you and I should not be able to achieve this.

The sports I enjoy are rugby, netball, tennis, squash, biking (both push bike and motorcycles) and running.

I do not think people should “diet” as such, as there are a lot of fads out there which lead to the “yo-yo” effect people often fall into of losing weight then putting it and more back on again. My stance, through lots of experience and seeing what others have done is to reduce portion sizes, particularly at night with a balance of carbohydrates and proteins and to keep the body moving with exercise.


Chris Darragh

Christine Darragh

Five words my friends may use to describe me: fun, straight-up, no nonsense, down to earth, funny.

I enjoy most music but have no absolute favourites. Little River Band, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Pink are some artists/bands that I like.

I like clothes shopping (like most females), but I love Op Shopping the most. Weird and wacky but definitely interesting. You never know what treasure you’re going to find and there’s nothing more satisfying than finding that special something for a bargain price.

For relaxation I enjoy reading fiction from authors Stephen King, Robin Cook, Lee Childs, James Patterson and Sandra Brown to name a few. I also like watching action and comedy movies with a big block of chocolate.

My biggest weakness is chocolate. I especially like Cadbury Dream or Dairy Milk but honestly, any other flavour will do as long as it’s chocolate!!!

My favourite type of holiday is camping in tents. The catch being that I prefer Top 10 camp grounds as they have showers and toilets, running water and most of all – power – this comes in handy for the fridge/freezer, jug, radio, laptops, blow dryers and hair straighteners . So camping but not really… There’s nothing quite like it!! Everything is so relaxed – no housework, no cleaning, minimal cooking and meeting lots of interesting people.

Even though currently I do not play sports I have previously played touch rugby, indoor netball, indoor cricket and winter netball. My passion now lies with resistance gym workouts.

Family is really important to me. I believe, “without family you have nothing”. Another is life balance. I believe balance is key to everything in life.

Christine is also an instructor for the Body Pump Classes

Evolve Staff

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