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Our People

Our People

At evolve You’ll see teens through to seniors and all in between, along with our great staff who are there to help you.

On any given day there are:
Equal numbers of men and women are exercising in our gym on Gladstone Street, Feilding. Between 6 and 7 am weekdays the professionals are doing what it takes to keep an office butt at bay About 9 am there’s an influx of parents. They’ve dropped children at school and preschool and it’s time to invest in themselves. As 10 am strikes seniors wave cheerily to one another and the self-employed pop in to work on flexibility and strength. There are lunch time classes and from half past three in the afternoon till 7.30 pm the place pumps as students, sports people and the after-work crowd mix it up.

So there is no 'in' crowd at Evolve, everyone is there to achieve their goals and our staff are there to help you, come in and see us.

We now have 24 hour access, seven days a week

Our gym now has 24/7 access. That means that your schedule will no longer get in the way of you achieving your fitness goals. Go late at night or early in the morning, or after hours in the weekends, it doesn’t matter, now you have full access. We have a dedicated kids room so that parents can come to the gym, get a good workout in, and not have to worry about what they are going to do with their kids.

We also have dedicated physiotherapists from Active Physio, an osteopath from Feilding Osteopathy and massage therapist from Physique Continuity and a nutritionist on call. What this means for you is wherever your health and fitness is concerned, we have you covered

Evolve Staff

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Ross Darragh - Owner
Christine Darragh - Owner, Class Instructor
Chris Vinsen - Personal Trainer
Jaden Meehan - Personal Trainer
Ruby Finau - Personal Trainer
Anthea Turner - Class Instructor
Kim Scott - Class Instructor
Jemma Lawton - Class Instructor
Garry Twomey - Class Instructor
Lisa O'Leary - Class Instructor
Helen Luoni - Class Instructor
Rhiana Bragg-Meyers - Class Instructor
Lisa Mordaunt - Class Instructor
Helen Jayne - Class Instructor
Char Lucas - Admin
Jason Bary - Customer Service
Trent Sims - Customer Service
Sam Fulton - Customer Service
Dylan Soeberg - Gym Keeper